In-person and Online sessions
Health Fund rebates available for all services


Injury and pain management

Pre/post-op rehabilitation

Return to Sports

Balance & Falls prevention

Movement disorders - including Neurological

Our Physio sessions have a strong focus on collaborative goal-setting and client empowerment. Together as a team we will investigate the contributing factors to your presenting issues, and develop a long-term plan of management.

Through our sessions you will learn more about how your body works, and develop tools to independently manage issues.

Our treatment style is heavily focused on active management strategies (EXERCISE!)


Training sessions with AOK are MOVEMENT DISCOVERY sessions!

Rebuild your connection to your body and REDISCOVER all the things your body CAN DO! 

All Training sessions are led by a Physiotherapist (AOK)

Individual, personalised programming 

Goal setting and regular reassessment

Movement Methods based on your goals and preferences


A movement practice developed by Joseph Pilates with the aim of "gaining the mastery of your mind over the complete control of your body". 

AOK Keep Moving is excited to introduce you to training sessions on the Classical Pilates Studio apparatus - equipment honouring the original intention of the Method and sure to bring you many "AHA!" moments!

FRC - Functional Range Condition

A system of training that builds functional mobility (joint range, strength and neuromuscular control) with the purpose of improving joint health, longevity and resilience. It definitely is NOT just stretching - get ready to WORK!

Private session available on request

See Small Group Training Schedule below





Helping movement professionals "connect the dots" between current best practice guidelines and your teaching. 

Deepen your understanding of movement in YOUR OWN body to better serve your clients. 

With research updates moving quickly it can be difficult to keep abreast of the most recent information available! AOK invites you to reflect on your current teaching and cueing and offers theoretical and practical suggestions that can be implemented to help ensure we are providing advice to our people based on the the best available evidence!


Due to travel restrictions Retreats are currently on hold.

We will definitely be back though! Stay tuned for future details 


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