Alex's classes are such a joy to be in - her Pilates teaching is the perfect blend of challenging and fun. I always feel like I have pushed myself, learned more about what my body can do and laughed in a welcoming space created by Alex's inspiring personality. Her approach to pilates is unique in my experience, informed as it is by her knowledge of the body and her own extensive pilates practice and experience. I just love working with her!

Despite not being a very science-y person myself, I find the way that Alex teaches her anatomy-based pilates workshops to be super engaging. The way she breaks down a segment of the body and the how/why it functions (e.g. the pelvis, shoulders, etc) makes so much practical sense, especially when I apply that knowledge back into my own pilates practice. Alex's passion for anatomy and physiology is infectious and wondrous to watch in action.

Melinda Hildebrandt

Pilates with Alex has been instrumental in my training as a circus performer. As well as strengthening exercises, Pilates offered the opportunity to break down my aerial skills in an unloaded and safe environment. This has allowed me to practice the correct sequencing of muscular engagement while also increasing my body awareness. As a performer with hypermobility, the exercises and skills I learned within our classes have become a critical part of my injury prevention program.

Hannah Owsianka

I first met Alex in 2016 after regularly  doing Pilates for a number of years.  I had become disillusioned with my recent instructors and the progress I was making so I needed a change. I was fortunate enough to have Alex as my first Northside Pilates instructor and she was a breath of fresh air. She was able to build on my previous Pilates experiences in a positive way and was always challenging me to try more things because she had faith in my ability. This made the classes interesting and something to look forward to.   Additionally, as a Physiotherapist Alex was able to counsel me on how to deal  with the injuries or aches and pains that would crop up from time to time. This complemented my medicos advice and they were able to work together to achieve a speedy recovery. I was very fortunate to have such a dedicated,  experienced and well qualified instructor, who worked hard and was always positive.

Joy Adcock

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