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Why Keep Moving?

Having started dance class at three years old when I wouldn’t stop twirling around the house, you could say I’ve been a very enthusiastic mover for the majority of my life.

From young dancer --> full-time dance student --> Pilates Instructor --> Physiotherapist (with some scenic detours along the way), I now spend my life assessing, analysing, deconstructing, encouraging and teaching movement.

Luckily, I still LOVE to move.

The irony of developing back pain due to the long hours studying to become a Physiotherapist was not lost on me. It taught me that I need to always PRACTICE what I ask all of my patients and clients to ACHIEVE – which is to get moving EVERY DAY.

Working in the public hospital system I would regularly see the effects of lack of physical activity. Loss of strength, balance, endurance and confidence often combine with other factors leading to falls, injuries and loss of independence.

The shear volume of private patients that tell me the only physical activity they do is walking from their house to their car and around the shopping centre to do their groceries still astounds me.

The World Health Organisation even has a “Global Action Plan on Physical Activity 2018-2030: More Active People for a Healthier World” outlining strategies to reduce Physical INactivity by 10% in 2025 and 15% 2030.

The positive effects of getting moving are numerous and well documented.

For me, some of the reasons I Keep Moving are...

· It gets me out of my head and into my body

· I like not being in pain when I sit, lie, stand, and walk.

· Feeling strong physically helps me feel strong mentally

· I enjoy figuring out and working on movement challenges that I haven’t achieved yet

· I aim to still be moving well in this body many decades from now

· I’m kinder to myself, and the people around me if I’m exercising regularly

Why do you Keep Moving???

WHO Global Action Plan:


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