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The SAID principle is well known in coaching/training circles - but did you know it also 100% applies to your rehab program??





Our bodies are AMAZING! They can literally change, alter and rebuild themselves DEPENDENT ON WHAT WE ASK OF THEM!

The bones in a baseball pitcher's pitching arm will develop to be thicker and stronger than in their non-pitching arm in direct response to the repetitive loading created by pitching thousands of balls with that arm in a lifetime.

In a pianists brain, the area responsible for the sensory and motor control of the fingers will take up more surface area than in someone that doesn't use their fingers in so complex an action.

Our bodies get good at doing the things we do regularly, and adapt accordingly.

How does this apply to our rehab setting??

The rehab plan needs to be SPECIFIC to YOUR GOALS.

If you have a goal of using your arm overhead - but all of your exercises stop your arm at shoulder height....this IS NOT A SPECIFIC PROGRAM to your goals.

At the beginning of the rehab process their will likely be positions that are sensitive, or not tolerable....this is totally normal....but the rehab PLAN should clearly be working towards getting you to your goal - which includes the positions and movements you want to be strong in!

We need to know which ADAPTATION we are working on!

Strength, endurance, pain relief, motor control, balance and increased range or bone density are just some of the different adaptations that can occur....but the same stimulus doesn't achieve results for all of them! This again comes back to what YOUR GOAL IS!

The IMPOSED DEMAND needs to be not only SPECIFIC (to your goals and desired adaptation) but also at a level of intensity that actually speaks to your bodies cells and demands a response!

Doing theraband rotator cuff pulls with your elbow by your side FOREVER isn't necessarily going to help you push heavy stuff above your head!

With the amount of info available on the inter-webs it is totally understandable to get overwhelmed and be unsure of the best path for you.

When seeking assistance for any issues/niggles/injuries I recommend finding someone that:

  • Asks you what YOU want to be working towards!

  • Includes you in the decision making process

  • Continually relates the plan of attack back to your goals!

What are your thoughts or experiences with the SAID principle???

Would love to hear from you!



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