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Living with PAIN?

Are you someone that lives with physical pain?

Maybe it's a chronic or recurring issue, or maybe you can vividly remember an experience in the past where you had an acute, intense pain experience.

Pain is an enormous burden on our community:

  • For the individuals that experience it

  • For those that care for them if they have difficulty caring for themselves

  • For the economy due to lost days of productivity when people in pain are unable to work.

For something that costs us so much, unfortunately we, as a system, are not doing a very good job of improving the outcomes.

In my role as a Physiotherapist working with people after they have had orthopaedic surgery, strokes and other neurological incidents, cardiovascular incidents, musculoskeletal pain, chronic pain conditions including auto-immune diseases - I have met a lot of people experiencing pain.

As a step in the right direction, I would LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU!

In your experience dealing with health professionals -

Is there anything that you WISH they had done differently?

What would you have wanted them to do instead?

What do you wish you knew about pain?

How DO YOU think we can do better?

Looking forward to hearing about pain from YOUR perspective!



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