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CHANGE - how do you deal with it?

Hey team,

We all know that change is inevitable - it happens whether we are prepared for it or not - and we have definitely all experienced A LOT of change in the last few months (with more coming for sure).

In the last couple years away I learned that I actually didn't deal with change all that well - on the outside I often kept my composure and seemed in control - but at home it was all tears and meltdowns (my poor husband really went through the ringer with me on that one).

On a trip with my family (pre-corona for sure!) killing time in the airport books shop I looked up on the shelf and saw this....


Seeing it written out like this really made it hit home for me (and yes, I bought and read the book!)

(PS - I am definitely NOT saying that everyone needs to just "Calm the F down" about all of this corona-craziness...that would be hella insensitive and I think a huge slap in the face to those that are struggling to support their families and keep their businesses afloat....my heart goes out to the people dealing with all of that on top of trying to take care of themselves).

In these super uncertain times with rules and regulations changing every day there is A LOT of stuff we can't control. But there's also a few things we can....

Can we choose to MOVE every day?

No equipment necessary, a small piece of space with floor or wall can be all you need - there is a lot of support online right now to help with this as well...reach out if you need a hand.

Can we get enough sleep?

With all the extra screen time happening and disrupted schedules this can be challenging, but aiming for those 6-8 hours WILL make a difference

Can we be KIND to those around us?

This includes yourself - shit is hard right now - you are doing the best that you can, and so is everyone else.

Can we find something to be GRATEFUL for?

I fully acknowledge that I am in a very lucky situation being able to come home to Australia, but finding something every day to be thankful for and acknowledging it is something that REALLY helped me change my mindset when going through stressful situations.

Learning to focus time and energy on the things I CAN CONTROL has been a huge step forward for me managing stressful situations, but it's something that I am definitely still working on!

Do you have any STRATEGIES that you find helpful when dealing with CHANGE?

I would love to hear them!! Let us know what works for you, so that we can all help each other!



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