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As an injured teenage dancer, I was introduced to Pilates as a rehabilitation tool by my Physiotherapist. Thankfully this practice allowed me to keep dancing for many more years - fuelling my movement curiosity, and taking me on a journey to study Dance at Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne!

It wasn't until a few years later that I discovered a new joy helping others keep moving!

Returning to study, I completed my Diploma of Pilates Instruction and then continued with a Physiotherapy degree (life-long student over here!). 

During my two years working at the Royal Melbourne Hospital I had the opportunity to work in a range of acute, sub-acute and outpatient roles, while continuing to teach Pilates with an amazing community of people. My husband Jay and I then decided that we would move back to my home-town, Fremantle....but first we went on a BIG adventure - travelling through Europe and then living/working in Kuwait in the Middle East!

When COVID struck, we rushed to be home with family before the Kuwait airports closed us in!

Very grateful to be home in Perth, it was now time to build on my dreams of creating a space where I could combine ALL of my favourite ways to help people!

I love being able to work with all different kinds people with all different movement problems - from circus performers and elite dancers to grandparents working hard to get back on their feet. My Physiotherapy and movement experience allow me to help people of ALL AGES with lots of different kinds of issues.

Looking forward to MOVING with YOU!




Your body, your journey
Power through education


Open ears & open heart


Honest, clear communication
No B.S.


for Life & 
for Movement


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